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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Comic-Con, Thursday... so far

- Waited in an enormous line to get my badge.

- Wandered about 1/3 of the exhibit hall.

- Lots of cool plush toys.

- Apparently, the video game guys have gotten smart & moved away from
E3 to Comic-Con.

- Some good costumes.

- Sat in on most of the panel for the "Greatest American Hero" comic
book & animated web series. William Katt, Connie Selleca, Robert Culp
in attendance.

- Best swag seen so far: Yellow "Pineapple Express" terry-clothe headband.

- Best booth: Dharma Initiative personality screening & recruitment booth.

Now waiting for the "Race to Witch Mountain" panel where I have it on
good authority that Disney will screen a trailer for a remake/sequel
to a videogame movie from the early 80s. At least that's the rumor
I'm spreading.


- Best booth: the Clairvoyant Sleeping Cat that's telling fortunes in the Adult Swim booth.


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