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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

You're my... my thing...


Things I'm currently embarrassed about?

- I watch and enjoy "Average Joe" and "Rock Star: INXS".
- The way our President represents our country to the rest of the world.
- I've been bad about updating this blog.

...not necessarily in that order.

* * *

Karl Rove's going down. He's the rock tied to the rest of the Administration and with any luck he'll drag them all down.

Now that I've written that, I'm kinda sad. It's awful and regrettable that this Presdient has caused me to think that way. I'm a proud American. I love this country, but the way he and his cronies have manhandled the sacred trust of the Presidency has made me want to see them go down... and go down hard.

They've dishonored the office and by extension have dishonored the nation. Someone will have to shampoo the carpets in the Oval Office after these guys move out or rather when they are forceably removed.

Check out Tony's post about the Karl Rove / Valerie Plame / Joe Wilson situation and how it's being covered. It's a great piece of writing.

* * *

Things I've never really been embarassed about?

- I saw INXS , opening for Adam Ant, when they were touring Shabooh Shoobah.
- I met INXS years later, when they were touring Welcome to Wherever You Are, after winning tickets from KROQ.
- Star Wars thirty times in the theatre before 1980.
- Dancing with myself.

* * *

Billy Corgan tomorrow night.


Blogger Neal Romanek said...

I have never ever heard of this show "Average Joe".

Until this morning.

A gang of three colleagues was huddled around their computer discussing the various merits of the fellows on the program.

WITHIN MINUTES I saw your post here in which you courageously declare your adoration for the show.

What are the odds?

Can this mean that "Average Joe" is in fact a program engineered by divine beings who can manipulate time and space its very self???

11:21 AM  

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