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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

More from Sundance 2007

Sundance - Mon. 01/22
Well, you do have to keep warm there in January. For some reason, for at least two years running, this store has had this product prominently featured in it's front window on Main Street. I wonder how many they sell.

Sundance - Mon. 01/22

Sundance - Mon. 01/22
I like these two images. This guy was thumbing a ride on the road out of Park City, heading towards Salt Lake City. I like how the part of the image blocked out by the sideview mirror in the first is almost all that is in the second. Both of these were shot out of the window of a moving car, so it wasn't planned at all. Just a happy accident.

Sundance - Tues. 01/23
Everyone thinks, "Ohhh... Ooooo... Sundance is so fun and glamourous!" Well, for the average attendee, this is what the film festival looks like. This is a shot of the line up tent outside of the Holiday Village Cinemas at around 6:30am. That's when you have to arrive if you don't already have a ticket and you want to get into the 8am screenings... and I just barely got in. A couple more views of Sundance at early morning.

Sundance - Tues. 01/23

Sundance - Tues. 01/23
Looking away from the tent, towards the Albertson's and the ski slopes beyond.

Sundance - Tues. 01/23
It starts to lighten up as I make it back from the Albertson's with my coffee and muffin to enjoy the wait list line.

Sundance - Tues. 01/23
An all too common sight for your humble servant.

Sundance - Tues. 01/23
If you have a hard ticket, you wait to the left and you get in. If you don't, you wait to the right and you send up a little prayer. They say that there's no such thing as an atheist in a Sundance wait list line.

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Check out all the Sundance pictures and more at Flickr.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Catching Up

Well, I don't think that I can actually catch up, but I'm going to try to put something up on a more regular basis. Seein' as how I got a new camera at Christmas, courtesy of my lady love, Elina, and I've shot several hundred pictures since then, I'm guessing that you'll be seeing more pictures here.

To kick it off, here are a few favorite shots from way back in January when I made a quick trip out to Park City, UT for the Sundance Film Festival.

Sundance - Mon. 01/22
If you've never been, this is the glamourous heart of Park City.

Sundance - Mon. 01/22
While lots of studio money, read "corporate money," has taken over the "independent spirit" of the festival, there are still little films that promote themselves any way they can. A lot of them do that by postering every flat surface on Main Street. This is a detail shot from the big board outside of the Slamdance Film Festival headquarters. The nature of postering means that this board will be covered over with new posters in about 30 minutes.

Noodles & Co.
Food. You're going to be seeing more of it here. I like food and a lot of liking food is liking the way it looks. So, I'm taking more pictures of what I eat. (Why I didn't take a single shot of the Corned Beef with Cabbage and Colcannon that I made on St. Patrick's Day, I do not know!) Above is a shot of my meal at one of the Noodles & Co. outlets in Salt Lake City. Elina and Bjorn discovered Noodles & Co. last year and it became an instant favorite. I know it's just a chain, but we don't have them in L.A. and the food's decent and at a reasonable price, so why not? I believe that's the Japanese Pan Noodles with the added chicken breast. Check out Noodles & Co. if you have one in your town.

Super Target - Salt Lake City, UT
I like Target. Elina likes Target. Salt Lake City has a SUPER Target. It's frickin' huge. I think the last register in this picture is number 85. Quality's not as good in this image as it was shot with the ol' or rather new Treo.

That's all for now. Check out these pictures and more at Flickr.

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Oh yeah, one more thing...


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