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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Hello, Goodbye

Congratulations to Tony Pierce as he takes over the editorship of LAist today.

Take a look at this clip from my first Pixel Pushers film, where Tony floats an idea about his employment future into the ether. Soon after he uttered these words, he lost his job at Buzznet and almost as quickly was offered the job at LAist.

Tony's Job Wish

[Apparently, Buzznet's been hit with a big server bill and isn't allowing embedding of video for a while, thus you'll have to use the link above to see the clip.]

We must also bid a fond farewell to Carolyn Kellogg, former editor of LAist and the eponymous Pinky of Pinky's Paperhaus. Carolyn's off to Pittsburgh to study writing. In the mean time, we can study her writings and talkings on the Pinky's Paperhaus podcast.

Monday, June 05, 2006

T.C. Boyle in the LA Weekly Literary Supplement

Hello readers of books and other literary things. The current issue of the LA Weekly comes with their regular Literary Supplement section.

His new novel doesn't come out until next month, but right now you can enjoy an excerpt from T.C. Boyle's upcoming novel Talk Talk.

Photo Hosted at

Here's a little taste:

There was a moment of suspended time, the cop frozen at the wheel of his car, she giving him a helpless exculpatory look, and then she was past him and cursing herself as she watched him pull a lazy U-turn behind her and activate the flashing lights. All at once she saw the world complete, the palms with their pineapple trunks and peeling skirts, the armored spines of the yucca plants climbing the hill, yellow rock, red rock, a gunmetal pickup slowing to gape at her where she’d pulled over on a tan strip of dirt, and below her, a descending expanse of tiled rooftops and the distant blue wallop of the Pacific, no hurry now, no hurry at all. She watched the cop — the patrolman — in her side mirror as he sliced open the door, hitched up his belt (they all did that, as if the belt with its Mace and handcuffs and the hard black-handled revolver were all the badge they needed) and walked stiffly to her car.

For the full excerpt go to LA or

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Blogorrhea, The Director's Cut

...well, not actually. My first cut, was over eleven minutes long and I'm not going to ask you to watch that.

For Pixel Pushers, we're supposed to make films of five minutes and under, so at over twice that, cut number one was not going to stand. My second cut, the eight minute one was tighter. I had to take out a lot of stuff I liked but it ran better. Still, it was too long.

So, finally I got it down to just over six minutes and that's the one that went up at Pixel Pushers, but I still liked the longer one.

Now you have a chance to see the much anticipated extended cut of Blogorrhea!

Please enjoy.


Friday, June 02, 2006

Pixel Pushers, "Addiction"

I could tell you all about Pixel Pushers, but why don't I let your fingers do the walking?

My first film for the group is a conversation with Tony Pierce about "addiction."

You can check out my film and all of the current series films at
the site or subscribe to the podcast:

The version of the film at the Pixel Pushers site is just over six minutes because there's a five minute limit. It started out at over 11 minutes and then made it down to around eight and finally to six and change. The 11 was too long and the six too short. The eight's just about right. I'll put it up on YouTube or Buzznet or some such place soon. [Update: "Director's Cut" available at Buzznet.]

I must thank the following for their invaluable help in making this film:

- Tony Pierce for talking with me
- Sean Rowley and Blockage for providing music.
- Andrew Takeuchi for providing a camera.
- Neal Romanek for post production assistance.