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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Kevin Smith - He and His Shadow

Some love Kevin Smith and his movies, some hate them both, some like one of them and not the other. Regardless of what you think, you should take a look at Smith's blog. He's been writing about his friend Jason Mewes' addictions. You may know Mewes as the loquacious Jay to Smith's Silent Bob.

It's really a great read. Both Smith's writing, the intrinsic drama of the story and the taint of celebrity and semi-celebrity make it quite fascinating.

Here's a little tease from Part I:

On a mid-December early morn, circa 2003, on the balcony of my house in the Hollywood Hills, Jason Mewes, my friend of seventeen years and co-star in five films at that point, dropped a bomb that shoud’ve repulsed the shit out of me, or at the very least, made me vomit a little in my mouth.

"Last night, at the Spider Club, Nicole Richie dragged me into the bathroom and fucked me."

Part I starts here. Links to the subsequent parts are on the right side. He's still not done, though he estimated that he'd be wrapped up by April 4.

I don't think that the story's going to shake any one if they're an addict. It might, however, help someone who's dealing with a friend or family member who's an addict, if only to give them a laugh or two.

Enjoy... and if you're a fan of Kevin Smith, follow the links from his blog page to the Clerks II website and trailer.



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