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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Sundance Film Festival - 01/20/06

After the little adventure in Las Vegas, I got into Salt Lake City with little fanfare. Shuttled up to Park City directly to the HD House, where I'd be stationed for the next five days. Demos and panels of the new Viper Infinity HD camera are the order of week.

We spent most of the night setting up and opened up the HD House at 11am on Friday. Didn't get out much at all, but did visit with Cecil at the Slamdance press office.

Sightings for the day: Laura Prepon, walking past the HD House.

Movies: none

Weather: Lovely snow falling for most of the day.

Back at the condo in the evening, enjoyed a nice hot tub under the stars with writer and fellow HD Houser, Elina.

The view from the condo, looking east.

The plan for Saturday is to wake up early and try to get tickets for Wordplay, edited by Doug Blush, a friend of ours. The film is a documentary about Will Shortz, the man who writes the New York Times crossword puzzle and is NPR's Puzzlemaster.


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