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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Sundance Film Festival - 01/26/06

Wordplayers: Director Patrick Creadon (center), editor Doug Blush (right), Creadon's brother (left)

* * *

Thursday dawned liked many of my days in Park City. I tried and failed to get into see Wordplay. Damn it!

Seriously, I'm getting angry at this film. Okay, I'm not angry at a movie. Not really angry. Maybe a little disappointed.

Still got one more chance on Friday. If I don't get in I'm taking that pencil they handed out with the promotional crossword puzzle and I'm jamming it right in my eyeball.

No, no, no... don't be silly. I'd never do that.

I'd jam that pencil into my throat and open up a big vein. The pencil in the eye thing would be horribly painful and probably not fatal.

Well, the rest of the day wasn't a total washout. Okay, the part where I wait listed for Stay, written and directed by Bob(cat) Goldthwait, and didn't get in was kind of a washout too, but the rest of the day after that wasn't so bad. I did see Goldthwait walk, apparently unnoticed, through the tent with about 150 people waiting in line for his movie.

Headed down to Main Street looking forward to visiting the Music Cafe for a set by Brazilian Girls. The Music Café isn't so much a café as it is a bar. It's a nice little space with terrible sight lines. Unless you're super tall, it's kinda hard to see the stage unless you're down front. I hang out on the balcony-ish area where the main bar is located. If I hang out over the railing I can see the stage... kinda.

Blurzilian Girls

One of the nice volunteers -- the ones in the grey Kenneth Cole ski jackets who tell you which busses to get on and, increasingly, that you're not getting into this movie -- scooted over enough for me to sneak up to the railing next to her.

Sarah is from St. Louis and took two weeks off from college to volunteer at the film festival. She tries to convince me that she's the "bitchy" volunteer who gives the gruff but to-the-point directions on how to wait list. I hear her spiel and realize that she was the one who was at the Racquet Club Theatre where I was waiting for Stay earlier in the morning.

We chatted about music. She said that she's a Brazilian Girls fan and I tell her that I've heard good stuff about them and have heard them on the radio. She's surprised that they get any radio play. I tell her that she should listen to KCRW on the web when she gets back to St. Louis.

They do a nice little set. They play for about 30 minutes, maybe a little more, but it's a free show so I can't complain. However, I can complain about the three idiots standing in front of me who talk, rather loudly, through the entire show. I have yet to understand people who go to see a band and then don't actually listen to the band (more on this later). I'm more surprised when I hear that the woman in the group has something to do with the band. I believe she's a manager or some such thing. Apparently she's a manager who doesn’t like her client's work. I send up a small prayer for black ice beneath their collective SUV as they drive home.

After the show, I walk back down Main Street. Stop in at Harry O's where Cargo magazine has set up shop for the latter part of the week, promoting themselves and others (T-mobile, iRiver, Cole Haan) with a series of live shows. I only want to get in to see Liz Phair, who's playing on Friday night. I walk in and poke around a little. I ask the guy who looks the most in charge what it takes to get in to the show. He says to come back tomorrow between 10am and 4pm and I can get on the list. I am stoked.

Continue down Main Street to the Alpine Internet Café to catch up on email and post some more to this blog. I crank out as much as possible and then rush back to the condo to meet up with the rest of the crew for birthday dinner for the boss at the Blind Dog. Good food, they specialize in seafood. Yes, seafood in Utah. They do a good job. We see Julia Stiles leaving as we're getting ready to order.

Manage to do another interview with Neal for the Rabbit+Crow podcast before passing out on my bed.

Movies: none

Music: Brazilian Girls

Sightings: Julia Stiles

Weather: Snow and high of 31˚


Anonymous Witz said...

Julia Stiles has the same birthday as I do.
She is a bit younger, however.
I'll bet the woman talking was talking because she's heard the act before. That's not excusing it, it's still incredibly rude. I'm just suggesting a reason.
(And yes, I'm catching up on your blog -- gotta problem with that???)

5:56 PM  

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