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Monday, July 25, 2005

Comic-Con 2005 - King Kong

It seems like it's taking an awfully long time to post about the events of just one day, doesn't it?

Well, yes... yes it does, but what're you gonna do?

Onward and upward.

So, there was a King Kong panel on Saturday. The line to get in was gigantic, even a half hour before the panel was supposed to start. The double whammy was that the Kong panel was being followed immediately by a performance by Tenacious D, so fans of both The D and the big ape were crowding into Hall H.

The program didn’t really have any details on the panel other than the promise that Peter Jackson was sending some special stuff just for Comic-Con. It kicked off with a video of Jackson sent from Australia. He greeted everyone at Comic-Con and declared, much as he has on previous Lord of the Rings video presentations, that he would one day make it to the con in person.

He talked about the film and then ran the trailer for anyone who hadn't already seen it online or in the theatres. It may have been right after the trailer, as the lights came up that the three stars of the film, not including Kong, took the stage. Adrien Brody, Naomi Watts and Jack Black made their way onto the stage and braved an onslaught of questions, mainly from barely literate Tenacious D fans. (Not to say that The D and all of their fans are dolts, just the retards who managed to make it to the microphone to ask questions. They just managed to embarrass themselves and every other fanboy in the hall. Assholes.)

L to R: Adrien Brody, Naomi Watts, Jack Black... image quality courtesy of shooting off of a projection screen from an angle in a brightly lit hall with a six year old digital camera.

Besides the glow of Oscar nominated and winning actors on stage, the highlight of the panel was when Jackson rolled a few minutes of ultra-rough footage from Kong. He explained repeatedly that the footage was VERY rough and that he was very nervous showing it, but it seemed to go over quite well with the fans.

The clip was a mixture of animatics, live action against blue screen, 3D animation and some nearly finished shots. It was footage of the end of the T-Rex fight. To amp it up a little for 2005, Jackson has the big ape fighting three T-Rexs. Even as rough as the footage was, it was a great scene. From the Lord of the Rings films we know that Jackson knows how to do big action and he seems to be carrying that torch right through Kong. It was pretty spectacular and as the director noted, if you're familiar with the original movie, you may recognize some of the old Kong's moves.

Through the miracle of the internets, if you're interested in catching a little of what the panel was like, sans Peter Jackson video, check out this collection of clips at iFilm .

- Totally decent officially recognized "fan site" at

- The official site, aquí.

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Seriously, The D's up next.


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