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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Comic-Con 2005 - Tenacious D

Okay, it's Tenacious D time, you muthafuckas.

Actually, it's about two weeks after Tenacious D time, you muthafuckas.

The great thing about The D's show at Comic-Con was the fact that, geek that I am, I was already going to be there. Seeing The D was just icing on the cake, gravy on the meatloaf, chocolate sauce on the girlfriend.

As pointed out previously, Hall H was filled to capacity, perhaps beyond, with a generous mix of King Kong and Tenacious D fans. This was easily the biggest audience I've ever seen specifically to see The D -- I'd seen them play the Forum in Los Angeles, but they were the unannounced opener for X and Pearl Jam, so that doesn't really count.

The whole idea of The D at Comic-Con is a bit like the "When Worlds Collide" episode of Seinfeld. I mean, I guess that there's cross over in the audiences, but I never really associated the comic book/sci-fi/horror/fantasy convention world with The D. It's kinda like when there was a Mr. Show panel at the Con a few years ago. I love Mr. Show, but it didn't make a lot of sense that they'd be at Comic-Con. That said, the crowd for their panel was huge, so what do I know?

The show kicked off with a reappearance of Kevin Smith to do the honors of introducing the band. I could tell you what happened, but why not hear all about it from the man himself :

So we're backstage, the house is packed, and the New Line trailer show is coming to an end, signaling the start of the Tenacious D set. I'm given the hand mic and told to go. I ascend the stairs, the happiest boy in the world.

And then trip on the top step and fall flat on my face in front of 6500 people.

Yes, it was embarrassing as fuck - 'cause when a fat man goes down, he goes down hard. But I immediately leapt to my feet, dusted off, and got a thunderous greeting. I joke around for a bit, and then tell the crowd "There are only nine cocks in the world I would suck. There were ten, but I topped Affleck off and crossed his name off the list. These guys I'm gonna bring out are numbers six and five. Give it up for the men of Inspirado... TENACIOUS D."

As I leave the stage, I hug Jack and get stopped by Kyle, who turns his back to the crowd, drops his shorts, and thrusts his dick at me. I mime making the drop, and then rush off stage, through the backstage, and over to the small private seating area on stage right, where I watch the killer performance two chubby guys who're flat-out geniuses drop on the crowd.

Smith falling as he mounted the stage is slightly ironic, in that during his hour earlier in the day, he had mentioned the footage going around a few months back of Kelsey Grammer walking off the edge of a stage during a performance.

The D did not disappoint. They played a set of some stuff old, some stuff new, some stuff borrowed and a lot of shit that was blue. Things I hadn't heard before included "Dude, I Totally Missed You," which I believe is in the new movie, and "The Government Totally Sucks."

Hits from the album included "Wonderboy," "Tribute," "Fuck Her Gently," "Dio" and "Lee," which was accompanied by the eponymous super fan dancing back up.

Possibly my favorite moment was when The D segued into their cover of Queen's Flash Gordon theme , which I believe is titled "Flash" oddly enough. I really enjoy their version, possibly because I have such strong associations from listening to that song as a kid -- I have the 45 stored somewhere -- or maybe it's because that's the first thing that I ever saw The D perform live, which was at the aforementioned X/Pearl Jam show. I just enjoy it because it's so dumb and fun.

For some reason, their cover really works and it almost seems more serious than the original version. At least it seems like The D is taking more care in covering the song than Queen took in writing it in the first place. I've often thought that under different circumstances, Jack Black could have easily been the lead singer of some rock super group, a la Queen. He really does have a fantastic voice, which would so suit him for being the frontman of an arena rock band. Luckily he gets to show off his serious pipes and be a funny bastard at the same time.

Since I've been stroking JB so hard, I want to give a little ink to Kyle too. There's no way that The D would be The D without KG. They're a team and without Rage Kage's killer guitar work and harmonizing with Jack, The D wouldn't be much. He's also every bit as funny as Jack. They are truly a match made in heaven... hail satan.

Back to the Con...

During their set, Jack interrupted the music to show off some of his human beatbox stylings. There's no way I can do justice to this bit, you'll just have to catch them live and hope that he repeats it. It was a ridiculously stupid and hilarious bit of aural comedy and it involves shit and piss.

Throw in a Sax-a-boom solo and you'd have a complete night, yes?

No. After all that KG and JB come out for a encore, playing a medley of songs from The Who's "Tommy." How frickin' sweet is that?

The answer is: Pretty frickin' sweet.

* * *

- The D's official site.

How many push-ups can you do?


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OK, admit it, you're just trying to get Jack and Kyle to link to your site...
And now for a stupid question: Does the D stand for anything?

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