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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

More from the game...

This is how I saw the game

Here's one thing that about last Saturday that made me sad. I missed the flyover. I love a flyover. I guess I should go to an air show if I want to see a flyover, but a flyover at a game is so cool. It's a great way to kick off the game, even in a game that literally starts with a kick off.

That's about it. That was the only downside. I didn't get to spend a lot of time tailgating and I wasn't sitting with friends, but those things didn't bring me down as much. I got to make game friends with the people sitting near me. Lots of post-Reggie Bush tearing ass down the field high fives bring people together.

* * *

Here are a few of the fine t-shirts of the day.

Something old...

something new...

...and a couple that are downright blue

Though not very PC, perhaps my favorite new rivalry shirt is powder blue with the classic gold ucla script reading "UCLGay." It made me laugh, what can I say? It also made me think that if I went to ucla (Heaven forbid) and was coincidentally gay, I would totally want one of those shirts.

One of my favorite non-game moments at a USC game came at the 2003 Orange Bowl. At some point, late in the game, the band went into "Tusk." Of course, when they got to the chorus, all of the Trojans chimed in with the traditional "ucla Sucks!"

We had traveled across the country to watch our team face a serious Big 10 opponent in Iowa and we were singing about our dislike of ucla. The Hawkeye fans looked at us like we were crazy. We shrugged and said, "We really don't like ucla."

Fight On!

Beat the Longhorns!

Looking forward to adding another flag atop the Coliseum.


Anonymous witz said...

Love the shirt photos -- and did you take those shots of the plays??!???! They're pretty damn good.
Ah yes, the flyover. Last one I saw was, I believe, the Fourth of July game (which was actually in June) at Dodger Stadium. Way cool.

12:43 PM  

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