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Monday, January 02, 2006


There's nothing I can add. The hype's already beyond the atmosphere.

Greatest game of the year?

Greatest college match-up ever?

Hard to tell until after the game.

Most anticipated game since last year's most anticipated game?

At least.

We all got a little Trojan fix seeing the band march in the Rose Parade this morning. My heart goes out to them and everyone else who participated in that five and a half mile swim down Colorado Blvd.

fescue @ flickr

I got an additional fix stopping by the SC bookstore to pick up some Trojan swag.

Missed the pep rally at Citywalk.

I still don't have tickets, but will be in Pasadena watching the game somewhere... unless you have a pair for me.

Fight On!

Beat the Longhorns!

Happy New Year!

* * *

Get some hype:

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L.A. Times Rose Bowl coverage

Tribute to Troy



Anonymous Witz said...

All I can say is: Finally!
And I ain't talkin' about the game.

Heard some lame guy on the radio this morning, after the weather person said it should be nice out for "the big game," who felt compelled to explain that that was a reference to this USC-Texas thing coming up Wednesday... AS IF ANYONE WITHIN EARSHOT OF HIS VOICE DIDN'T KNOW! Jeez.

2:02 PM  

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