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Friday, April 14, 2006

Trojan Huddle - 04/09/06

This past Sunday, I made my way down to the Coliseum for the Trojan Huddle, a public scrimmage, which was the first opportunity to see the immediate future of USC Football in the wake of The Dynasty.

Got to see Mark Sanchez toss the ball around a bit. He led the first team offense. He looks good. Young and untested, but good. No Booty. He's out with an injury. Michael McDonald ran the second team offense.

Receiver Patrick Turner looked good, catching a bunch of passes including a couple touchdown receptions.

The most troubling aspect was the multiple fumbles by our running backs. Hopefully, it's just nerves and inexperience and we'll be able to maintain our positive turnover record of the past few years.

Don’t know if they'll be a factor during the season, but it was good to see the Ting boys all over the field. They combined for four tackles, a blocked punt, fumble recovery and a punt returned for a touchdown.


...and what trip down the campus would be complete without a stop at Chano's for a some good grub.

Recap of the Huddle at


Blogger Neal Romanek said...

They shut down the "Chanos" on Beverly Blvd., near Vermont. I have never been able to determine whether it was associated with the Figueroa Chanos/Manny's, but the superior yummi-tude and pastrami delightfulness seemed to suggest it were. Does anyone know for certain?

It is a tragedy in any case.

9:28 AM  

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