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Friday, August 26, 2005

Starved on FX

Is anyone else watching Starved on FX?

I really like this show. Though maybe my enthusiasm for it has more to say about me than it does about the show. It's funny and fucked up and dark and funny and twisted and funny and mostly it's fucked up... and funny... in a dark way.

It focuses on four people in an eating disorder group. It's not your usual touchy-feely kinda twelve-step. Instead of welcoming each participant after they introduce themselves and describe their disorder, the group responds with, "It's not okay!" Then the leader of the group goes on to berate each individual for their specific issue, like the cop who pulls over food delivery men and then extorts food from them so that they can avoid a citation. He then binges and pukes, which gets him in trouble on the job.


The show stars and is created/executive produced/directed by Eric Schaeffer, who you may recall from My Life's In Turnaround, If Lucy Fell, Fall and his TV show Too Something. I know that they're not all winners -- I kinda remember being angry after seeing Fall -- but I've always found something appealing about the characters he creates and plays.

Much like his other creations, Schaeffer's character Sam is another extension of the same guy. He's vain, quick-witted, improbably gets super hot women, and always has a really nice apartment.

I can totally understand if people hate him and all his work, but you should really check out this new show. It's one of those shows that the broadcast networks could never do and that cable stations like FX seem to be doing really well.

* * *

On a side note, Darryl Hammond guest stars in an episode and plays one of the creepiest characters I've ever seen. It almost seems like a SNL character, but he never breaks and it never becomes funny. It's so unsettling that you have to see it to understand it. To whet your appetite, he has a unique way of vomiting. That's all I'm saying.


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