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Saturday, December 03, 2005

USC 66, ucla 19

...and so it went much of the day.

Good for us Trojans. Bad for the bruins.

Who's going to make the creepy sci-fi TV series about the aliens who landed on this planet and left us Reggie Bush?

It's not like watching a man among boys, it's like watching a Kryptonian among Pop Warner players.

It's sick... sick I tell you!

...and I mean that in a good way.

It's just crazy watching Reggie Bush play football. I'm not sure that you get the same effect watching him on tape. Maybe the thing that makes his play more dramatic in person is that sound of 90,000 people gasping each time his hands touch the ball.

When Bush gets the ball, it seems like anything can happen and it usually does. He makes games as he breaks games. He turns a hand-off in the Trojans' own end zone into a first and ten on the bruins' 35.

Can't say enough about Reggie Bush. He's a force of nature, in his particular case that force just happens to be Lightning.

...but can you really talk about Bush without talking about LenDale?

Oh you mean that one random guy who just happened to set the new USC record for career touchdowns today?

Yeah, that's the LenDale I'm talkin' about.

He ran like a locomotive today and when he wasn't pounding it straight down the bruins' throat, he was actually putting on a few moves like he thought he was Reggie Bush or something.

What about Leinart, you ask?

Well, Matt's had better days, but he still looked like one of the best ever to play his position. His first few passes flew over the heads of his receivers. It could be blamed on the wind that was either getting under the ball or getting behind it and sending it out of range. I think he was just trying to downplay, in order to move Heisman votes from him to Bush. Shrewd Matt, very shrewd.

* * *

More on the game tomorrow, as well as some pictures of my favorite rivalry t-shirts.


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