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Friday, April 28, 2006

Conflict in Indio

I have issues.

In fact, I have a frickin’ lifetime subscription.

I know that my issues are pretty minor and this post is not meant to belittle anyone with real issues, though I’ve found that most issues, short of terminal disease, can and should be treated with a prescription of “get over it.”

That said, how am I supposed to get over my issues?

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First, I’m going to Coachella this weekend. I don’t usually like mentioning something here before I do it. I’ve done it too often and then not followed through with actually writing about the event. I don’t think that’s going to happen with Coachella. I’m sure I’ll have plenty to write about and be plenty inspired, but still, I’m a little conflicted about putting it out there.

I told you they were minor issues.

The second bit is not so minor. With a show like Coachella, a show with too many bands, too many stages and not enough time, I run into this problem. Too many bands I want to see are playing at the same time.

~My Coachella Schedule~

Here are some of the battles that are sizing up for this weekend:

The Duke Spirit v. Wolfmother
Kanye West v. TV on the Radio
Sigur Ros v. Ladytron
Franz Ferdinand v. Cat Power
She Wants Revenge v. Daft Punk

Sleater-Kinney v. Bloc Party v. Stellastar
Yeah Yeah Yeahs v. The Editors
Tool v. Scissor Sisters

Okay, I know these aren’t all fair fights. Even though this is ostensibly an “indie” fest, I think that Kanye West will probably kick TV on the Radio’s ass. I heard The Duke Spirit recently and liked them, but I think that they will be overwhelmed by the hype of Wolfmother.

Tougher fights will be ones like Franz Ferdinand v. Cat Power. I’ve seen the archduke on another festival bill (Inland Invasion a few years ago) and they were great and I’d really like to see them again, but I really want to see Cat Power. I’ve tried to see She Wants Revenge three times in the last four months and that album’s great, but man… the chance to see Daft Punk. Can I pass that up?

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The hardest one is on Sunday. I’ve only ever seen Stellastar do a short in-store at Virgin and really like their first album a lot. I did see both Sleater-Kinney and Bloc Party headline shows last year. I’ve seen S-K a few times and that’s because they’re awesome. The Bloc Party show at the Palladium last year was great too. I think Stellastar may win, only because I’ve never seen them play a for real set, but it’s gonna suck missing Bloc Party and Sleater-Kinney at the same time.

I reiterate, my problems are not real problems, but they are problems nonetheless.

If you’re going to be in Indio this weekend, look for me. I’ll be the one in shorts wearing lots of sunscreen and a wide-brimmed hat.


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