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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Hello, Goodbye

Congratulations to Tony Pierce as he takes over the editorship of LAist today.

Take a look at this clip from my first Pixel Pushers film, where Tony floats an idea about his employment future into the ether. Soon after he uttered these words, he lost his job at Buzznet and almost as quickly was offered the job at LAist.

Tony's Job Wish

[Apparently, Buzznet's been hit with a big server bill and isn't allowing embedding of video for a while, thus you'll have to use the link above to see the clip.]

We must also bid a fond farewell to Carolyn Kellogg, former editor of LAist and the eponymous Pinky of Pinky's Paperhaus. Carolyn's off to Pittsburgh to study writing. In the mean time, we can study her writings and talkings on the Pinky's Paperhaus podcast.


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