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Friday, June 02, 2006

Pixel Pushers, "Addiction"

I could tell you all about Pixel Pushers, but why don't I let your fingers do the walking?

My first film for the group is a conversation with Tony Pierce about "addiction."

You can check out my film and all of the current series films at
the site or subscribe to the podcast:

The version of the film at the Pixel Pushers site is just over six minutes because there's a five minute limit. It started out at over 11 minutes and then made it down to around eight and finally to six and change. The 11 was too long and the six too short. The eight's just about right. I'll put it up on YouTube or Buzznet or some such place soon. [Update: "Director's Cut" available at Buzznet.]

I must thank the following for their invaluable help in making this film:

- Tony Pierce for talking with me
- Sean Rowley and Blockage for providing music.
- Andrew Takeuchi for providing a camera.
- Neal Romanek for post production assistance.



Blogger Neal Romanek said...

That is an asskicking little movie!

7:11 PM  

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