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Monday, August 29, 2005

Sunset Junction, 08/28/05

This is me admitting that I'm a total Johnny-come-lately to Sunset Junction. I think I became aware of it after the fact the first few years I knew of it, then for some reason or another, scheduling conflicts kept me away. Thus, last year was my first Sunset Junction. It was pretty great, in that I got to see The Sweet & Tender Hooligans, Camper Van Beethoven and, best of all, X, but it really shouldn't have been my first.

This year's was enjoyable enough. Mostly the same food and tchotchke vendors and the band line up wasn't quite as stellar as last year, though there were certainly were some draws like John Cale, Rilo Kiley, Chaka Khan, The Weirdos, and The New York Dolls. I wasn't able to make it to day one of the Junction, so all of the following is about Sunday and because I took a bunch of pictures, there will be a lot of pictures. Is that clear?

Welcome to Sunset Junction

Eastbound on Sunset Blvd.

Yeah, I know, it doesn’t look all that crowded, but trust me there were a lot of people there. My brand new and subsequently partially crushed hat will be testimony enough to that fact.

Ritmo Flamenco

I've started out my Junction experience for the last two years with the Flamenco dancers. Not sure why. Just happens that way.

Ummm... yeah.

There were a lot of dudes who looked like this. Overly pumped up, often shave-headed, and always shirtless. I'm not sure what'll kill them first the side effects of steroid use (not that I'm saying that they use steroids) or the skin cancer.

Until I got home, I hadn't noticed two things about the guy on the right. One, he's not quite as buff as most of the shirtless lads and two, he's got a tattoo of a bone on the small of his back. Now, that's kinda funny.

The Weirdos

Okay, maybe punk's not dead, but he's gettin' old and his cholesterol's kinda high.

It was fun to see The Weirdos today. I haven't had a chance to see them before. I'm sure having seen them in their heyday would be a more interesting story, but it was still cool to see them. I guess I shouldn't be, but I was still surprised at how many kids, who must've been born five or ten years after the bands' first break-up, showed up for this set. It wasn't a pose for most of them either. They really knew the music. It was refreshing to a point. Some of those same kids can be real assholes as they get closer to the stage. More on that when we get to The New York Dolls.

Eagles of Death Metal with guest Jack Black

Before today, I only knew Eagles of Death Metal as a Queens of the Stone Age side project. (Didn't QotSA start out as a side project too?) They were okay. Engaging enough while you're watching them, but they didn't really stick with me too much.

The Guys from Utilikilt

I tried on a couple Utilikilts today. I've been considering getting one since last Sunset Junction. Still considering, mainly because I didn't have the $150 to $230 on me to pick one up today.

* * *

Notable sightings today:

     - Rock star Jane Wiedlin watching The Weirdos
     - Comic actor/former Groundling/former MadTVer Michael McDonald just walking.
     - Kid in the Hall Kevin "no relation to Michael" McDonald also just walking.
     - Actor Geoffrey Rush watching Chaka Khan.
     - Blogger Tony Pierce with lady friend Karisa.

* * *

More tomorrow, including Suicide Girls and The New York Dolls. I think you'll tune in.


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